October 2015 Newsletter

CP News For You!

It has proven hard for many of you to come to meetings, so I am pleased to announce that we are now a virtual support group.  There are many ways for us to stay connected:

  1. Being friends on Facebook
  2. Following the group on twitter.  Our handle is @NOVACPSupport
  3. Subscribing to this newsletter
  4. And checking out our website at www.cerebralpalsysupportgroup.org

I will be happy to hold a meeting when you all feel the need to get together and share personally.  I would love to hear from you in this regard so please write to me at mayyajsaab@gmail.com
Its time to start thinking about indoor activities for our children.  Check out partakes for some great classes and contact Gary Logue for accommodations.  Also, a great indoor activity is of course swimming.   Contact Joe Leary for class information as well.
World CP Day was October 7 and it was celebrated all over the world with people connecting and sharing.  Reaching for the Stars announced that the Senate appropriations bill to fund CP research has passed.  Learn more here.  

Stay well and connected,

Mayya Saab