December 2015 Newsletter

CP News For You!

Wishing you a season of cheer and good times spent with your family.
I recently received an email from one of our members and she mentioned that she would like the group to consider getting together along with our children.  She suggested a trip to Clemyjontri Park.  If you haven’t been there yet – you should definitely go with the group or just with your family.  The weather has been delightful and if it continues to be as pleasant, I would be happy to organize such a get-together.  Please write to me and let me know your thoughts on this.
A couple of newsletters ago, I mentioned that you should get to know your child’s school based team.  They are a wonderful resource to you – full of insightful and useful information.  There is another resource available to you through the school system.  In Fairfax County, that resource is the FCPS Parent Resource Center.  You should check out their website to learn about what they have to offer you – the parent with a special needs child.  On their site, you can access tutor lists and information on resources available to you at the County level.  Lastly, they have a physical library that specializes in information on special needs.  To learn more about the mission statement of the PRC, click here.  I also recommend a visit to the center where you can seek out and find all sorts of material that is not readily available on-line.  The resource center holds informative sessions as well as hosting an annual special education conference.   As a group, we can work with the parent resource center to request sessions and speakers on the topic of CP or any other topic that is of interest.  I would be delighted to work on that assuming there is interest from the group.  Again, please write to me and let me know your thoughts on this.
Other school systems also have Parent Resource Centers.  Here are the links for the Parent Resource Centers in Loudoun County and Arlington County.
Hoping to hear from you and wishing you a healthy New Year,
Mayya Saab