March 2017

My daughter loves to bake.  Mind you, I am an excellent cook but a baker, I am not!  So, when my daughter asks me if she can bake something, I often wince because I am of very little help to her.  At the same time, I recognize that she needs help managing kitchen gadgets. 

One Saturday afternoon, I had to be out of the house.  My daughter had planned to bake Rocky Road Brownies.  Since I couldn’t help with the baking process (I was not too saddened by my need to be out of the house!), I asked my mother to watch my daughter in my absence.  She and my daughter managed just fine.  In fact, my mother – with her many years of experience in raising children, shied away from helping my daughter as much as I would have had I been at home.   My mother wants my daughter to embrace her abilities.  When I returned home, I got two pieces of news.  When I asked my daughter how everything went, she reported that all went well but that Titi (her term of endearment for my mother), made her fend for herself.  “Doesn’t Titi know that I have CP?” she said to me.  I laughed whole heartedly at that facetious comment!  I then asked my mother how things went and she reported that all was well, and pointed out that while my daughter was fending for herself, she had researched cooking and cerebral palsy and found a myriad of tools and gadgets to help those that are less able.  Thus, this blog article!


After a couple of searches, I was astounded at what is available to tackle most every need for the person with cerebral palsy.  There are kitchen tools and gadgets as well as tools that aid with general functionality in and around the house.  Search for yourself by typing “cooking with cerebral palsy” in a google search bar.  One of my favorites is Adapted Kitchen.  This company didn’t have many kitchen gadgets but the ones they do have are amazingly useful.  I hope you will check them out.  Another great site is Maddak.  This company is a bit more commercial than the adapted kitchen site but they have many more products and some of those products go beyond the kitchen.  I can only imagine how liberating some of those tools can be for someone with limitations.

I am continually surprised by how well supported our special kids are and how empowering it is for them when they can do things independently by using those tools and gadgets as their aids.  So, enjoy baking Rocky Road Brownies or doing whatever else your child asks you to do with him/her!