July 2017

I am always on the lookout for resources on CP.  After all, I started this group because I thought there was a huge lack of “shared/shareable” information.  When my daughter’s pediatrician diagnosed her, it was as if I was slapped and my head started spinning - I am sure you all have a similar story!  As we go from doctor to therapist to schools, it seems that no one can provide the picture that we need at that moment…what will happen to my child? How will this affect me and my family?  How will I cope? How do I know I am seeking the best care for my child and doing all the right things?  And dozens of other questions.  Naturally, each diagnosis of CP is different than the other - that’s the nature of the condition - it affects each child in a different way.  BUT, boy would it be nice to have someone paint a picture - even if it’s not a clear one - of what we can expect?

Unfortunately, no one can paint that picture, but starting and continuing conversations with other parents has been the most helpful to me.  By sharing any information that we have, we are improving the lives of our special children and, as a result, our own.  So, pick up the phone, write an email, post on a forum - do anything that you think will give you the ability to share. Rest assured that you are not alone and that you are part of a larger community - one that is eager to know what you know.

In that light, I came across this resource.  I found a slew of helpful articles and learned many new things.   This site offers a directory of services, although I found little in Virginia - perhaps the directory is a work in progress?  Nonetheless, I think it’s worth checking back on.  I also found this blog article which I can almost recite in my head - it’s as if I wrote the article myself, because I have all the feelings that the author writes about - I trust you might too!!

Wherever your journey takes you this summer - I hope you are enjoying some much needed time off. Catch you in September 2017!